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Donald Trump. Tax Opacity and the Secret World of Public Private Relationships

No surprise that my tweets promoting this book and its message are being blocked by the #mepolitics twitter stream. Suffice it to say that the #mepolitics twitter stream is the voice of the hegemony that my book confronts and challenges. The #mepolitics twitter stream is the combined voice of Maine political power and the Maine main stream media. Public Private Relationships and the New Owners of the Means of Production confronts the ways in which the hegemony of power has exploited the people of Maine and betrayed Maine's  Constitution.

In other blocking news, national radio host Dana Loesch put out an excellent video on why she does not support Donald Trump and does not accept Mr Trump as a conservative. The video goes by the title of The Truth About Donald Trump and tells a story of Trumps past and his mobster business partners. Dana asks "Do we want a man with such a history picking cabinet members ?" Dana Loesch's  presentation is informed, documented and down to earth. Upon reading it, I became a Dana Loesch fan. Unfortunately it is no longer available on line. It has vanished without a trace and no news is to be found anywhere as to why.

A blog post by Caleb Howe on Red State gives the highest praise for  Dana Loesch's  video:

The REAL Donald Trump: Come Get To Know Him

You can still learn about Donald Trump's history of mobster associations on Dana Loesch's blog but a video is a far more potent means of getting a message out to a greater number of people.

I am going out on a limb here to say that Donald Trump and his lawyers are behind the dis-empowerment of Dana Loesch's voice. I don't have certain proof of this. It is based on logical deduction which starts with these two questions "Who gains by taking down Dana Loesch's video depicting Donald Trump's business relationships with mobsters ? and "Who has the means to do so ?". The answer to those questions point in an unwavering line to Donald Trump. I could add another question "Who has a long history of silencing others with threats of law suits ?"

This is important in relationship to my theory about the strange phenomena of Donald Trump's popularity. What is the cause of it? My conclusion is that Donald Trump transfers an illusion of empowerment to a political faction which feels dis-empowered. Donald Trump is a very rich man and a household name and promises to stick it to the GOP which is what has driven his base since they perceived Ron Paul to be treated unfairly by the GOP in the 2012 election. That is when the faction which has evolved into the Donald Trump base started campaigning against the GOP rather than against Obama, the political phenomena that inspired the counter phenomena of the Tea Party movement. Donald Trump's wealth and celebrity is experienced as their own power to stick it to the GOP. The entire substance of the antiestablishmentarian movement has devolved into the will to power. Beyond that the antiestablishmentarian movement has no identifiable belief system. That is why, no matter what Donald Trump says or does his base remains loyal. Donald Trump has become the equivalency of their own empowerment and that is the entirety of what motivates the antiestablishmentarian political faction. Other causes come and go but the will to power remains the same.

Ron Paul is a Tea Party hero primarily because of his activism in calling for an end to the federal reserve which Paul describes as both corrupt and unconstitutional. Paul  maintains that the Federal Reserve System is inflating our currency. In my book, Public Private Relationships and the New Owners of the Means of Production, I submit that the largest source of inflation is the growth of public private relationships, accompanied a growing centralization of economic capitalization by government- a capitalization strategy based on leveraging and leveraging and leveraging again- just as the Donald does. To substantiate my position I submit this chart from the US Census Bureau:

Donald Trump was born and bred into the system of public private relationships, starting out his own career by using his father's political connections to transform the family business from one using tax abatement for building low income housing to one using tax abatement's to build high priced hotels and apartments for the well to do. Donald Trump created the Trump brand as a symbol of gaudy over excess. 

As Mitt Romney calls for the candidates to reveal their tax records, Mr Trump hides behind tax privacy laws but promises to reveal his tax records after the primaries are over and done with, not exactly in those words but in this case the meaning is transparent. Mr Trump tells us he always makes sure to pay the lowest taxes. Read my book, Public Private Relationships and the Owners of the Means of Production to see how that is done with the help of the government. Given that Mr Trump is postponing the release of his tax records until after crucial votes, it is fair game to speculate on what we may discover within them.
According to Whit Richardson writing about the Cate Street Scandal in Pay Day At The Mill, an article published in the Portland Press Herald in April of 2015. there exists an entire investment industry exclusively targeting refundable tax credits. Mr Trump, sophisticated and all knowing as he is, must be aware of such an industry. Mr Trump explains his strategy as "paying the lowest tax possible" In the case of refundable tax credits that means getting the public to pay taxes to the private investor- or to put it another way to refund a large share of the capitalists investment for which the public receives no comparable share in profits. In the case of Maine, this deal is sold to the people as "job creation" . In exchange for capitalizing a large share of a privately owned operation, some tax payers will get wage earning jobs with high pay and good benefits all arranged by the state. 

Mr Trump tells us that he has been negotiating great deals for himself all these years and now he will do that for the people. In terms of negotiating great deals for himself aiming to pay as little tax a s possible, Mr Trump is an example of whom the Maine Legislature aims to please when they keep increasing the amount and expanding the limit of the refundable tax credits. In 2013 when the Expanded and Improved Seed Capital Tax Credit was passed, it was expanded and improved for capitalist investors like Mr Trump while the terms got worse for the taxpayers of Maine who have to fund the benefits going to private capitalists. When candidate Trump tells us that now he is going to negotiate great deals for the people, does he mean he will do away with refundable tax credits which require the people to underwrite private investments? I doubt it.

And so when Mr Trump finally reveals his tax records. long after the crucial primary votes needed for him to secure the nomination of the one time conservative party, will we find out that he has been securing for himself the lowest taxes possible trough tax exemptions and matching funds combined with refundable tax credits? A fair question to ask of a candidate who will not provide the voters with relevant information pertaining to the claims Mr Trump makes about his own success and how he got there.

My book Public Private Relationships and the New Owners of the Means of Production takes a look at how the Maine Legislature redistributes public wealth to private interests via public private relationships. It is a story line local to Maine about a phenomena that is taking place globally. I hope it will inform the reader and cause him or her to question with care the statements made by politicians like Mr Trump.


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