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Ld 204 Dies - General Henry Knox Museum Honors Wahington Bureau Cheif of Al Jazeera

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Up date on LD204 for which the full correspondence it found HERE
Around April 5 I heard that there was to be a vote on LD 204 and that it was expected to pass
Subsequebtly I sent the following letter reminding Honorable Robert Nutting of his former promise:

Dear Senator David Trahan.
Representative Bruce McDonald
Honorable Kevin L. Raye,
Majority Floor Leader: Senator Jon Courtney,
Assistant Majority Floor Leader: Senator Debra D. Plowman,
Honorable Robert W. Nutting ,Speaker of the House
Majority Floor Leader: Philip A. Curtis
Assistant Majority Floor Leader: Andre E. Cushing III

I have heard through the grapevine that LD 204 is expected to pass. I am writing to remind you the the challenge to its constitutionality remains unrefuted. I am also reminding the Honorable Robert W. Nutting ,Speaker of the House, that he has promised to take this challenge into consideration if and when the bill comes to a vote. This is a challenge to the entirety of LD 204- a bill designed to strip local governance from the board of the municipal corporation, The Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Corporation, chartered by a special act of legislation.

If this bill is passed with a constitutional challenge remaining unrefuted it then constitutes a willful betrayal of the oath of office- the only justifiable reason that I know of for "re-calling" any elected official.

On July 5th I received the following from Honorable Robert Nutting:

Dear Ms. Anderson,

I am writing to update you on the status of LD 204, "An Act Regarding the Membership of the Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Authority Board of Trustees." The House took up this bill on June 14, at which time we voted 76-69 to indefinitely postpone the bill, which would have killed the legislation. A Committee of Conference was subsequently convened, composed of three members from each Chamber. The Committee could not agree on an outcome. On June 28, 2011, the bill was placed in the Legislative Files and is now dead.


Robert W. Nutting
Speaker of the House ~ 2 State House Station ~ Augusta, ME 04333-0002 ~ (207) 287-1300 ~ Fax: (207) 287-1308 ~

On another note, Today is the scheduled sate for The General Henry Knox Museum to honor Foukara, Washington Bureau Chief of Al Jazeera. The General Henry Knox Museum is a non-profit organization formed to honor General Henry Knox, and the period of history of which he is a part, The American Revolutionary War.

 I believe it is an outrageous usurpation of the purpose of the Museum to honor a man who has advocated to Hillary Clinton, that the US should be negotiating with Hamas and to honor a news organization from a country, Qatar, which does not have freedom of the press. I started a tread on As Maine Goes. which lead to being interviewed by Channel Six and the Bangor Daily News. Both news organizations edited what I said leaving only the same two statements-That I believe that Al Jazeera is a front for Jihad recruitment, and after being prompted, I said I supposed there would be protests. I felt that these were the statements for which the media was seeking a mouthpiece, as both news media framed the issue as a freedom of speech issue, which I refuted in both interviews, only to have my view edited out of the story. Subsequently when I was contacted by The Village Soup, The Herald Gazette in Camden, I decided to respond to the interview request but not to say anything about Jihad recruitment but when I explained the issue as I saw it to the writer, I was rudely interrupted and told that others had already expressed the view that I was attempting to put across. If that is the case, then the writer intentionally selected not to publish that view in her news report and so here it is.

The General Henry Knox Museum is a non-profit organization. The Annual Report is not available online, instead there is a description of the annual meeting. The newsletters describe the annual Gala event guest speakers as "honorees". This has been the case for the last several years when the General Henry Knox Museum has chosen to honor contemporary news media, all from the left of the political spectrum, as their honorees for their "Gala" fundraising events. This was the case in regards to Foukara. When an institution honors a speaker it takes it out of the realm of "free speech". "Free speech" is the opportunity to have one's voice heard. To "honor" someone is to endorse them, to place them on a pedestal of respectability- and of course to give them something that they can add to their resume- Foukara can now put on his resume that he has been honored by a Museum that honors the American Revolutionary War.

A non-profit organization must pay taxes on proceeds from activities that are not “directly” related to the reason stated for the non-profit status on their application to the IRS. The word “directly” is found in the IRS tax code governing non-profit tax reporting. It is a stretch by any standard to say that any news personality from contemporary media is directly related to General Henry Knox and the period of history of the American Revolutionary War. - The only exception would be if the news personality were known as an expert on that period of history or the American constitution. This is not the case with Foukara. In numerous interviews, Beth Dyer of the General Henry Knox Museum justified the invitation of Foukara as an opportunity to learn about Foulard’s views on “the Arab Spring”- never once suggesting that Foukara was exceptionally informed about the American constitution.

Why would a museum invite speakers who have no relationship to their non-profit status year after year after year? It is possible that some may have spoken about the Museums dedicated purpose, but it is clear form Ms Dyers own words that this was never the intent in inviting Foukara as an “honoree” guest speaker of the museum. It is clear that this is not a tax-exempt fundraising event for the museum and yet the “gala” events appear to be their most publicized fund raising events of the year. There is currently a flood of books on the market about the founding of the United States of America by well-known authors. who would make appropriate honorees for a Museum whose dedicated purpose relates to the founding of the United States of America. Any of these authors would be directly related to the museum’s tax-exempt status. There is also is Janine Turner, the blond bombshell American actress who has started a website called Constituting America that discusses the Federalist Papers. Not only would Ms Turner make a perfect honoree for a museum that honors our founding, and be a tax-exempt choice for the Museum’s gala fund raising event, But she would be a huge box office draw- being much greater a household name in this country than is Foukara

This begs the question “Why would the Museum choose an honoree for their gala fund raising event that is not directly related to their tax exempt purpose, requiring that taxes be paid on the proceeds of the event? It is possible that the real purpose is to honor Foukara and to confer upon him a veneer of respectability that any organization with a hidden agenda of its own would covet.

Since the 1960s the far left has infiltrated Americans institutions of higher learning, which has now filtered down to the earlier educational years. Recently in Maine, The University of Maine -a standard in our legislature’s “targeted sector”- invited Bill Ayers as a quest speaker. If one searches for “socialism” on the University of Maine, there are 104 results. If one searches for the "Federalist Papers", there are 12 results. If one searches for "Marx", there are 211 results, if one searches for "James Madison" there are 161 results but those at the top of the results refer to James Madison University and so another search for “publics “ results in only 9 listings.

The General Henry Knox Museum should be educating us on our own history and the political philosophy that founded this country. Instead it is having a Gala fund raising event honoring the Washington Bureau Chief of Al Jazeera, which is portrayed by proponents as a “respectable news organization”, a comment frequently followed by a claim that all American media is propaganda. But at least American media exists in a country where freedom of the press is granted by our constitution- unlike Al Jazeera, which is the news media from Qatar, where journalists who question the administration are known to vanish into thin air.

There was a long debate on As Maine Goes, with the occasional intrusion from those who joined it Just to say “Ok- everything has been said that can be said- it is time for your guys to move on! “ but in the end I turned the mind of my detractors much to my own surprise. I think this occurred when I said the following:

”No one knows what the outcome of the Arab Spring will be- if it will result in democracy somewhat related to what we have in our culture, or if it will result in a heavy handed Sharah Law having a grip in the Middle East. The left loves to portray this country as "imperialistic" because we actively further democracy in other nations but now – suddenly- it is copasetic to do so as longs it is allegedly perpetuated by Al Jazeera. Even if the Arab Spring results in democracy, it might be quite different than the breed of democracy that we have in this country, which is not a pure democracy, but a Democratic Republic. If the Middle East had a pure democaacy that could mean a tyranny of a majority that favors Shariah Law since no one really knows what the majority in the Middel East favors. To jump to the conclusion that the Arab Spring has a direct relationship to the founding of the United States of American is to asume far too much.”

After that the general consensus of the thread was that the tax exempt application of the General Henry Knox Museum needs to be located.

I am not actively pursuing this but I hope that others will. The General Henry Knox Museum is not our only cultural constitution whose original purpose is being used as a respectable cover for a left wing agenda. The Chicago Annenberg Challenge also comes to mind.

Footnote about the link to the video in th efirst paragraph, the speaker Jeff Kincaid was one of those who contacted me behind the scenes of the discussion at As Maine Goes. The Maine news media asked both myself and Beth Dyer if we had been contacted behind the scenes but only reported on Beth Dyers answer. Also I brought up the news letter that is posted on the screen in the video to the Maine News media but they persisted in presenting the invitation as a guest speaker until I posted it a second time and then Ms Dyer was forced to admit the truth but she did so in a manner which redefined the significance of "honoree" as meaning "Guest speaker" - Glad to see Cliff Kincaid is not buying it.

Also in the same video -a Russian TV station that is raising campaign funds for Ron Paul.


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