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Ld 204 Dies - General Henry Knox Museum Honors Wahington Bureau Cheif of Al Jazeera

Tweet This ! Up date on LD204 for which the full correspondence it found HERE Around April 5 I heard that there was to be a vote on LD 204 and that it was expected to pass Subsequebtly I sent the following letter reminding Honorable Robert Nutting of his former promise: Dear Senator David Trahan. Representative Bruce McDonald Honorable Kevin L. Raye, Majority Floor Leader: Senator Jon Courtney, Assistant Majority Floor Leader: Senator Debra D. Plowman, Honorable Robert W. Nutting ,Speaker of the House Majority Floor Leader: Philip A. Curtis Assistant Majority Floor Leader: Andre E. Cushing III I have heard through the grapevine that LD 204 is expected to pass. I am writing to remind you the the challenge to its constitutionality remains unrefuted. I am also reminding the Honorable Robert W. Nutting ,Speaker of the House, that he has promised to take this challenge into consideration if and when the bill comes to a vote. This is a challenge to the