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Resident shouted down and threatened with police force at Hampden Town Cou...

This is a video of a woman valiantly fighting for her freedom of speech at a Hampden, Maine Town Council meeting. Despite threats to call the police if she didn't stop expressing her views, she prevailed as a public citizen protesting the town council's expenditure's of the taxpayers money, reminding them that it comes out of the pockets of the people.

As a function of posting this video on As Maine Goes, which is still active at this time, The names of the two people in this encounter have been identified: Quoting from the As Maine Goes discussion:

Vic Berardelli
: "The name of the woman speaking in the video is Kristin Hornbeck, who once sat on the Hampden Town Council." This has been corrected- The woman's name is Kirsten Hornbrook.

Three Pipe Problem
" I believe Thomas B. Brann is the Chair, demonstrating either an infantile grasp of Robert's Rules or a deliberate abuse of them. How can this guy sleep at night? I hope he does the right thing and makes a public apology."

Vic Berardelli:I was shocked to discover that the Deputy Mayor of Hampden is Carol Duprey, wife of the GOP State Representative from Hampden. In this video, despite the harassment from the mayor, I do not hear her speak up to defend Mrs. Hornbeck's right to speak. In fact, none of the other councilors raised Point of Order to chastise the mayor's behavior or to suggest that the public had a right to speak. Now I understand why she was a minority of one when she sat on the council. I live in the town next door and council meetings were fodder for gossip at the supermarket and post office parking lot when she served. Interesting to note that current State Sen. Andre Cushing served on the council at the same time she did and he did not side with her either.

Mackenzie Andersen : I notice there is one particular word that really makes Mr Brann fly into a tizzy ! It's "philosophy" !


  1. The system has been loaded in favor of the bureaucrats and government hacks. The average citizen is either afraid to to make his opinion known or is tired of the put downs from such boards. Been there, done that and because I got no support from others I have quit doing it.

  2. I have experienced similar town father attempts to put down speakers. I was allowed to speak but chastised and told I was wrong. They know that fewer and fewer will speak if they have to run a gauntlet to do so. A fine example of power gone to the head.


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