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"Inhabitants of the Municipality" ARISE!

This is a link to a current discussion on As Maine Goes about the MRRA, which represents the current "sate of the  art" of the power of government that the legislature granted unto itself when they chartered The Maine Development Foundation - a non-profit corporation assigned with the elite privilege and authority  of managing the economy of the entire state. added late r This is a link to another discussion about the MRRA on As Maine Goes This was an unconstitutional grab of power by the state government and once having transcended their oaths to that dusty old piece of paper that represents the will of the people of this state- other wise known as the Maine State Constitution- they certainly had no cause to get the consent of the governed as they instituted the process of fundamentally transforming the State of Maine into a corporation that controls the means of production through it's multifarious funds found throughout Maine State Inc's corporate network.

The Maine Deveopment Foundation - Laying the Foundation for the Corporate State

               Tweet This The charter for the Maine Development Foundation , from which the quotes in this post were taken.- Signed into law by Governor Longley- A former democrat who ran as an Independent This is a list I maintain of legislative related links and "economic development" statutes, the most of which have come about as a result of the codification of said government function in the charter for the Maine Development Foundation. When American colonists declared independence from England in 1776, they also freed themselves from control by English corporations that extracted their wealth and dominated trade. After fighting a revolution to end this exploitation, our country's founders retained a healthy fear of corporate power and wisely limited corporations exclusively to a business role. Corporations were forbidden from attempting to influence

Angus King's Almost Legal Insider's Investment Club. - Part One

Tweet This !! More on The Small Enterprise Growth Fund (since 2014 known as The Maine Venture Fund), signed into law by Angus King to become the most secretive Maine state corporation ever . I have been writing about the SEGF since 2009, when I  participated in competition at the  Juice Conference for what seemed to be a micro-economy investment, promoted as contributed by an "anonymous donor", later revealed to be the SEGF. At that conference and on the SEGF's website the taxpayer's role in subsidizing this investment company is promoted with the explanation that for every dollar that the Maine taxpayers "invest", high growth investors contribute nine dollars. When I first heard this statement and until a few days ago, I took it to be a case of incorrect language as the model that I had constructed in my mind was one in which investments are made on an individual basis in individual companies and so it seemed to me that i

Secular Saints of the Corporate State

  From  the charter for the Finance Authority of Maine  The above statement is found in the charter for the Finance Authority of Maine. It is a most astounding statement because it constitutes a legislative decree about the character of certain individuals and associations which practically ordains them into sainthood. By legislative decree, individuals and associations which privately benefit through the activities of the Finance Authority of Maine are motivated by only the purest of motives to serve the "public benefit" - whatever that may be, and whenever the powers that be, want it to be it.  Any private benefits that confer upon themselves, as a public-private relationship, is a pure chance of circumstance. Which type of government defines human character by legislative decree? Not that created by the founders of the United States Constitution. The Federalist Papers recorded the thought process which became the United States Constitution. Publius first examin

My Encounter With Big Government INC.

TWEET THIS In 2009 I attended a competition for what I thought was a small business grant, but later I found was "an investment". I made this mistake in part because I learned of it through the Maine Art Commission which had been sending announcements all year about the availability of stimulus grants - but when one opened the link, it was inevitably and exclusively for non-profits. When The Maine Arts Commission announced a competition for small business investment from "an anonymous donor" I assumed it was a grant for a variety of reasons, including that it was for a very modest amount and that the source was anonymous. I wasn't paying much attention to those details as I had never entered such a competition before and there was a lot to processing taking place in a short amount of time. As later became apparent the "anonymous donor" was F, an investment corporation chartered by the Maine legislature to serve as

Networking Kickstarter to Kickstart A Network

Introducing my new blog Andersen Studio's Kickstarter Diaries , in which I write about my vision of an Andersen Studio's United Ceramic Designer Craftsmen of America. Today I published the second post which is called Networking Kickstarter to Kickstart a Network . Kickstarter is a way to raise capital for Arts and Foods projects which is inclusive of both the private sector and the non-profit sector. I hope that if you like the concept, which if successful will create jobs in the private sector, and that if you like it , you will share it. This blog is being published before we launch a kickstarter project in order to nurture a support base, which is the key to kickstarter success.