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"By that definition, a state capitalist country is one where the government controls the economy and essentially acts like a single huge corporation, extracting the surplus value from the workforce in order to invest it in further production.[3] Friedrich Engels, in Socialism: Utopian and Scientific, argues that state capitalism would be the final stage of capitalism consisting of ownership and management of large-scale production and communication by the bourgeois state.[4]"

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Friday, June 20, 2014

New! Mini Time lines of Incrementalism Added to Timeline Exposing Stautory Transformation Of Maine

My Time Line is a fund raising flop- apparently too far off the grid to generate public interest, although people like and share the promos- only one downloaded the timeline to date -which is designed to make the hidden whole visible.

Maine State Inc officially exists but without a name. It officially exists as a vast network of state corporations which is progressively transferring power and public wealth into its own hands.

And so I continue to update Time Line. I have added dates to chapter titles and today I added  Mini Timelines of Incrementalism to the menu items. I added Mini Time Line Of Incremental-ism:State Control over Education & Publicly Funded Workforce today- which is can be much longer but for now this suffices. If you want the links- your will need to download the Time Line!!

(Low and behold I am now having difficulties inserting images on blogger- so here it I sin text form)

1977 Legislature deems centrally managing economy to be a new “essential government function

1981 Legislature decrees University of Maine to be instrumentality of State

1995 Legislature grants itself jurisdiction over educational matters at University of Maine

1999 MTI established as public charity for capitalists and granted ownership of intellectual property rights

2002 University of Maine claims ownership of Intellectual property rights

2002? Marxist and Socialist Studies established as a University of Maine minor.

2008 State manufacturing established at University of Maine

2011 Ownership of Intellectual property rights extended to Maine Economic Development Fund

2013 Taxpayers mandated to pay for marketing of Maine State Inc's Publicly Funded Work Force

2013 Bill passed to institute state management of relationships between private business

2013 legislature unanimously passed Expanded & Improved Seed Capital Tax Credit  authorizing itself to escalate by eight fold the rate at which it can extract capital from the middle class and deposit it in targeted sector bank accounts


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Meanwhile in the News Lepage is going to China on the taxpaying segment's dime to procure some business for the tax exempt state-designed town of Lorring, Maine.I am sure Lepage will offer those Pine Tree Zone tax exemptions to the Chinese Company Norinco- an arms manufacturer who has been sanctioned for selling arms to Iran but Lepage says that doesn't matter because the subsidiary that he is dealing with manufactures railroad cars! Just like Maine Inc- no subsidiaries of the corporation have anything to do with each other- or so we are supposed to believe by the fragmentary representation we get from our Maine media:

Norinco, a conglomerate that manufactures products, including military weapons systems and firearms, was sanctioned in 2003 by the U.S. government for allegedly providing ballistic missile systems to Iran. In the 1990s, it was sanctioned and prohibited from selling its firearms in the United States after being implicated in a sting operation conducted by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. That ban expired in 2007.

In May, the organization Human Rights Watch reported the company’s name was found on canisters of chlorine gas allegedly used in a chemical attack in Syria, which the company denied, according to Bloomberg. Bangor Daily News
 Not to worry about those Maine Soldiers who may have been killed by the weapons Norinco sold to Iran - they are but mere human life- not a value factored in to the "Public Benefit" which by statutory decree is served by every action of our state! Who can question it? In a state in which the people have allowed the state to centrally manage the economy- all are reduced to mere instrumentalities of the state- without a voice, thought or opinion of our own - that's the bargain we made so if you want to have a voice -consider moving to New Hampshire!

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