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"Reinventing Maine Government" VS "Reclaiming Maine Government"

There is so much to write about that I can't keep up with it.

Sometimes I think I should start my own non-profit organization but I always meet that huge roadblock that is my own visceral feeling about what non-profits have become in this day and age and so I wonder if by doing so, I would have to sacrifice everything that is worth while. I like the freedom of being non-affiliated, in part because all my attempts at affiliation have been a confrontation with those who would censor the expression of my views.

But when I see something such as "Envision Maine", which as far as I can tell is an organization devoted to the election of Elliot Cutler, and which publishes and sells their manifesto called "Reinventing Maine Government", I think that someone should start and organization called "Reclaiming Maine" and publish a manifesto called "Reclaiming Maine Government", which would be a map for deconstructing all the government business development and government chartered corporations, government agencies, and the entire network of quaisi- public, quasi-private. quasi- profit, quasi  non-profit concoctions which taken as a whole is "reinventing the totalitarian state".

I became aware of this new political party - The Non-Partisan Party- which seeks to establish the "collective view" because non other than my nephew, Colin Woodard is charged with co-authoring their report and call to action. Colin is as impassioned about the far laft as I am about American constitutional conservatism, and has written a series of articles in the Portland Phoenix that are out to get Paul LePage starting the minute he took office. It is fair to describe it as "negative campaigning" against Paul Lepage, although Colin's current biography of Lepage seems quite fairly written due in part to the slim pickings in LePages background for those who are looking to darken his reputation.

Colin is also the author of a very popular book on Maine's history, The Lobster Coast, and a new book on American history called American Nations. From what I can gather from interviews, the latter book is called American "nations" because Colin's view of the United States is that there is nothing that unites us being that he seems to have a void where the understanding of political philosophy preserved in the United States Constitution should be.

In an interview on PBS Newshour, Colin states that "It is, because the real Founding Fathers weren't the generation that came together in 1775, and 1789 to put together our federation. They were the early colonial clusters' Founding Fathers in the early 1600s or the late 1600s or the early 1700s. And each of these colonial clusters and each of these founders, these founding groups, came -- founding very different countries, in essence.

Colin does not understand that our Founding Fathers are not called such because they settled a geographical area but because they founded our constitution, which is based on a distinct political philosophy  based in inalienable individual rights- not on a collectivist world view, which "Envision Maine" is seeking to establish as they pretend that the current administration of Maine is not a part of Maine group think- which may be true- as true as it is that I and countless other individuals are not included in the "consensus" of group think that has the mission of creating a "Maine Business Plan" which is none other than more of managing the economy from the top down.

So Today I took a proactive move and submitted my comment on Envision Maine.

The comment login requests one's title, which I entered as "United States Citizen" and one's organization, which I entered as "individual'

This is what I posted.Waiting for an answer:

 Why do we need a "collective" view of Maine's economy?

Why do we need a "Maine Business Plan".

How do you reconcile these statements with your plan to "decentralize government" ?

Why is this anything new and not just a rehash of the Baldacci administrations philosophy?

Why do you say we need a grass roots movement, when we already have many?

How can you talk about a consensus when you are intentionally ignoring what the current administration is doing?

What do you mean by"non-partisan"? Is this the name of a new political party- or what?

Why should we re-invent government instead of reclaiming our government ?

Why is there a limit on the length of comments?

Regarding the emphasis on a "collective view" or "consensus"- and the emphasis on the Maine Business Plan, I think they fit into this definition of "corporate state" found on Newsroom magazine

A political culture which is a form of corporatism whose adherents hold that corporate interests ( rather than individual ) are the foundations of the state.
Since I believe that Envisions Maine's actual purpose is to organize for an Eliot Cutler election, it might be that the emphasis on "collectivism" is to attract those who will work for a Cutler campaign. The concept of a "Maine Business plan" seems necessary only to those who think the state is a corporation. To the conservative view, government's role is to create an environment in which business can thrive and emphasizes lower taxes and fewer regulations.  In recent years the idea that it is government's role to hands-on manage the economy has grown with the expansion of "funds" - which are identified in various legislative bills as "the fund" or "the fund of funds" and that just means capital ( the means to production). I have thought to myself that it must be more glorious to be a CEO of the corporate state than to be a mere elected representative for a local district. The concept of creating a "Maine Business Plan" supports that view. I can imagine that now that the legislature has devised so many "funds' and vehicles for redistributing wealth, it must be very tempting for politicians to get their hands on those capital funds and use it to redesign the state for "social benefit" as the legislature likes to say, which means  re-inventing Maine from "God's Country" which implies a acceptance of a wisdom higher that that of man- or government by man, to the "way Maine should be" according to an elite ruling class.


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