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Those who Benefit from the Closure of St Andrews Are Those Who Benefit From Relocating Boothbay's Retirement Community

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The Boothbay Peninsula's Emergency Room will close its doors on October 1st.

When the decision was first announced in the Boothbay Register it was stated that it was not a decision based on money. If memory serves me right, a claim was made that it was about quality of service. Since then the story has been perpetuated by some that St Andrews was not making a profit, with others claiming that it is profitable.

I asked the opinion of someone familiar with the inner circle. He claimed that the appearance that St Andrews did not make a profit was created by the way that medicare presents bills. I believe he said it was in the year 2007 that all the books had been closed when after that fact medicare presented a sizable bill. This gave the appearance that St Andrews was not making a profit but that since then the hospital had caught up on those payments.This is a reasonable explanation for a controversy over whether the hospital is or is not profitable, which should be simply a matter of numbers- not a matter of controversy.

St Andrews emergency patients will now have to be taken by ambulance to Miles Hospital in Damariscotta. With the closing of its emergency room St Andrews will lose its critical access designation. The number of critical access beds in Lincoln County will be reduced from 63 to 25. Judy Stone , a writer for Scientific American has written passionate and well documented articles about the situation to which the links are provided below. The general explanation that I have heard usually involves profit motifs associated with Maine Health but they never really add up. Nothing adds up if the parameters remain within the health care industry. There is no sense to it unless one removes those parameters and asks "Who benefits? ". There is only one clear answer to that question and it is a broad and general one. Whoever benefits from the removal of St Andrews Hospital from the Boothbay Peninsula is whoever benefits from the relocation of its retirement community .

Boothbay is the grayest town in tthe grayest county in the grayest state in United States and it is losing it's hospital. Already we are seeing articles saying that "retirees are moving" although there is no substantiation given for such claims, it is a reasonable assumption to make. Removing the hospital facility and the exodus of the retirement community logically go hand in hand.

The Boothbay Peninsula is like a garden. It is beautiful where ever one goes, surrounded by the ocean. Boothbay Harbor has an Opera House, Boothbay has Bigelow Labs, a world class botanical garden and the latest news is that the Boothbay golf course is about to be transformed into a "world class golf course"

"World Class" is one of the favorite buzz words in Augusta where Maine's elite class of social engineers hold court. When Governor Lepage granted Tempus Jets tax exemptions via the transformed Pine Tree Zone legislation, he called it a "world class" aviation company. When Governor Baldacci came out as a loyal deciple of the social engineer Richard Florida and instigated the "creative economy" , it soon became clear that our Governor was not here to serve the people that elected him but to import a better (wealthier) class of people to Maine. The parameters of Richard Florida's definition the "creative class" inevitably includes wealth. Governor Baldacci made Richard Florida the center of his "creative class" economic policies.

In the beginning there might have been a modicum of intent to benefit the local economy of Maine but that has since fallen by the way side. Putting all of the pieces together including Governor Lepage's love affair with the small private jet industry, the designs of the power elite who are using Maine State Inc* to extract public money into their own hands is to recreate Maine as a "world class" Bilderberg Gardens ! The Boothbay Peninsula is a perfect location for the playground of the global capitalists if only the pesky retirement community could be "nudged" into moving by removing the privately owned St Andrews Hospital, now under the hood of Maine Health.  Maine Health can be bought- can't it? Can't everything be bought by those who have siphoned off the public's wealth into their own control? The greatest beauty is to be using the fruit of the labor of the class being relocated to relocate them- and the legislature has neatly arranged that with a full package of "instrumentalities" for transferring public wealth into the hands of private corporations and capitalists- preferably "world class" ( globalist) capitalists !

In the past two years Maine's State Inc has made a grand leap forward into the "world class" elitism of global capitalism. That's where the "big money" and "world class' power dwells . The power elite of Maine has become infected with the "We must be Gods" disease of global capitalism. When the fundamental transformation of the Pine tree Zone "moved silently" through the legislature" with "very little fanfare", marking an new era of power for Maine's man made Gods. Once their ability to redesign the state of Maine might have been limited to relocating poor rural communities and transforming those locations into the Gardens of Bilderberg, but now they can go into any community and drive out the populous to make way for the "creative class' - that class of people holding a pantload of globalist wealth. The "creative class" needs private jets (just like in Washington D.C.) and world class play grounds- why the Boothbay Peninsula is perfect ! How do we nudge the local population to re-locate?

Just as once would-be Gubernatorial candidate Steve Woods proposed depriving 108 Maine towns of infrastructure and transportation funds in order to encourage the populous to move to urban centers, health care can also be used as a tool of manipulation in the hands of the Bidlerberg set, in which our power elite in Maine strives so desperately to be included, as evidenced by the creeping linguistics and policies of  globalism that are being incorporated into the entrenched structure of Maine State Inc and it's associated government by tzars (called "quasi" in pc language).

Every advancement of the new state order has been accompanied by claims of being for "the public benefit". While my theory is only speculation, if one applies it to what is taking place on the Boothbay Peninsula, it is clear that "public" is just code for "the targeted sector". The general public and existing populous of Maine has never been included in Maine State Inc.'s definition of "public". One needs only to examine what is in the "Extended and Improved Seed Capital Tax Credit" to substantiate this conclusion. The only measure by which this direct transfer of public money into the pockets of private corporations and capitalists can said to be "improved" is by the interests of the latter. For the general public the transfer of the fruits of their labor into the bank accounts of the legislature's "targeted sector" just got a mega-dose of steroids.

As Richard Florida pointed out, with the technology revolution, it is no longer necessary for high paying jobs to be located in urban centers, and so Florida suggested, communities need to compete for the "creative class". Taking this form of thinking to its ultimate conclusions, why should a beautiful location like the Boothbay Peninsula be allowed to remain in the hands of those of ordinary means? Such beauty should be reserved for the wealthiest. Let the rest of the people be concentrated in urban communities. The governing elite of Maine has an ongoing love affair with China and China is implementing a massive rural relocation program- why not Maine? Any community can be "nudged" into relocating at the hands of those who have gained control of concentrated wealth. Any one can be bought! Things can be arranged to suit the desires and purposes of "the targeted sector".


* "Maine State Inc" is a term I use to encapsulate the deeply entrenched network of corporate "instrumentalities of the state" chartered by special acts of legislation ( a violation of Article IV Part Third Section 14 of the Maine State Constitution) - all part of Maine's top down "economic development policies"

Article's by Judy Stone, Columnist for Scientific American A plea to the St. Andrews Board An Emergency Room’s Closure: A Community’s Betrayal
Breach of a Community's Trust By Judy Stone

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