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University of Maine's New "Confucius Institute" Creates Global Partnership with Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, China

The University of Maine, which already sponsors a course in Marxist and Socialist Studies which can be taken as a minor along with any major is now using taxpayer dollars to create a new institute handily called the Confucius Institute, as if it were about ancient Chinese wisdom, which may be partly true but also significant is that it is in partnership with the new fundamentally transformed China and Dongbei University of Finance and Economics in Dalian, China which includes such departments as The Global Institute of Management And Economics.

USM Confucius Institute
USM is partnering with Dongbei University of Finance and Economics in Dalian, China to host Maine’s first Confucius Institute (CI). From the website of the UniversityOf Souther Maine, Confusius Institute

Contemporary China with it's polluted lands and its plans to relocate millions of the rural populous in order to create a home grown consumers market has very little resemblance to the philosophy of Confusions- but it makes a nice sounding name- doesn't it?

In other words Maine taxpayer dollars will be used to indoctrinate the youth in Chinese inspired global capitalism, which is already at the heart of Maine's economic development policies, which has also established a Marxist styled state owned means of production at the University of Maine called the University of Maine Advanced Manufacturing Center, financed with a grant from Maine's public charity for capitalists and private corporations, The Maine Technology Institute, which doesn't get charged overhead by the state's manufacturing center because that would be like the 'state paying the state" as quoted from this Maine Biz Article.
For projects that have received MTI funding — around 25% of the UMaine work — the university charges no overhead expenses as "it's basically the state paying the state," Belding says. Many of those projects, he says, come to the center for development work before applying for an MTI grant and have continued support after.
The rhetoric promoting the state's Advanced Manufacturing Center is a thinly veiled admission that it exists to produce prototypes with student labor to the advantage of global capitalists who will have the products manufactured in global low wage labor markets such as China and Thailand. TexTech is cited as the poster child of Maine's economic development intitaitive according to this interview by Alana Hinsey of MaineBiz and TexTech owns manufacturing facilities in China and Thailand. In turn Textech has recieved charitable donations on at least six occasions from Maine's non-profit public charity for private corporations and capitalists,- The Maine Technology Institute - (according to MTI's website), making TexTech a candidate for poster child for Global Capitalists Org, as well as the poster child for Maine's State Inc's "targeted sector" economics.
Over the ensuing decades, particularly in the 1990s when massive investment poured into China, the families of CCP bureaucrats utilised political power and links with foreign capital to transform themselves into a new property-owning capitalist elite. CCP-connected entrepreneurs, executives, outsourcing contractors, import and export traders and professionals have emerged as the junior partners of major transnational corporations in ruthlessly exploiting the working class."
World Socialst Website -Chinese regime amends constitution to protect private ownership- 2004
Thanks to the Small Enterprise Growth Fund and it's statutory exclusion from a general law which provides that those in public service cannot profit from their positions, Maine is all set to go to follow the Chinese model.

Many such concerns stem from the CI's relationship to Chinese Communist Party authorities, giving rise to criticisms about undermining academic freedom at host universities, engaging in industrial and military espionage, surveillance of Chinese students abroad, and attempts to advance the single-party state Chinese government's political agendas on controversial issues such as Tibet and Taiwan. Additional concerns have arisen over the institutes’ financial and academic viability, teaching quality, and relations with Chinese partner universities.[1] As a result of such criticisms, administrators at several institutions, such as the University of Melbourne and University of Chicago, have opposed the establishment of a Confucius Institute. Criticisms of Confucius Institutes Wikipedia
The University of maine also has a campus located on Maine State Inc's new city state The Midcoast Regional Redevelopment AUTHORITY a new progressive innovation of the Maine State legislature- a municipal corporation (local governance) that serves as "an instrumentality of the state" .
The Maine State Constitution
Article VIII.,Part First, Education.
Free For The Sharing!
Section 1. Legislature shall require towns to support public schools; duty of Legislature. A general diffusion of the advantages of education being essential to the preservation of the rights and liberties of the people; to promote this important object, the Legislature are authorized, and it shall be their duty to require, the several towns to make suitable provision, at their own expense, for the support and maintenance of public schools; and it shall further be their duty to encourage and suitably endow, from time to time, as the circumstances of the people may authorize, all academies, colleges and seminaries of learning within the State; provided, that no donation, grant or endowment shall at any time be made by the Legislature to any literary institution now established, or which may hereafter be established, unless, at the time of making such endowment, the Legislature of the State shall have the right to grant any further powers to alter, limit or restrain any of the powers vested in any such literary institution, as shall be judged necessary to promote the best interests thereof.

Progressivism is based on the idea that a constitution should continually be adapted to the times. Progressives utilize the cover of reputations established under other names for other purposes- thus the School of Global Management and Economics (global capitalism) calls itself "The Confucius Institute".

The General Henry Knox Museum in Maine- honored media hero's of the left for many years at their "gala findraising events" until the tradition  appears to have  ended in 2011 when controversy arose over  honoring the Washington Bureau Chief of Al Jazeera . The General Henry Knox Museum should be a name associated with conservativism, which is based in preserving the constitution as written by our founding fathers but the political left bureaucrats of the General Henry Knox Museum excluded all but far left media stars from their list of honorees. I point this out to highlight the tradition among "progressives" whose aim is to change governments and traditions to suit the whims of the times- use names and organizations that represent to the public those very traditions that progressiveness intends to over throw.

By it's very nature what ever progressivism is, is forever subject to change. Once we thought of it as being rooted in Communism but both Communism and Free Enterprise are just "instrumentalities" of the real goal of contemporary progressivism, which can best be described as the totalitarian world view of global capitalism- which , I submit , is the real purpose behind the "Confusious Institute" as perpetuated on a global scale by the Chinese Government.

It is not a secret that the organization with which Maine State Inc is partnering with through it's own "instrumentality of indoctrination"  - The publicly funded University Of Maine -Is in fact Dongbei University of Finance and Economics in Dalian, China, but in Maine our compliant media uses the politically correct term in every headline, - it is The Confucius Institute"  I searched  the term "Dongbei University of Finance and Economics" with the term "Maine" to find my only own blog post was relevant to both terms. Then I searched "Confucius Institute" and found many stories in Maine's main stream media. I clicked on :

Maine leaders laud wisdom of Confucius Institute

a Portland Press herald Story with the by line:
Establishment of the language school at USM is seen as a useful way to increase ties to China and its export markets.

I searched for "Dongbei University of Finance and Economics in Dalian, China" in the above article but nothing was found. The only hint is in the phrase "export markets" - but whose export markets are we talking about?


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