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JECD Does not have voter approval for constructing Industrial Buildings

Continuing the discussion of the Joint Economic Development Council of Boothbay and Boothbay Harbor: I was under the impression that the voters of Boothbay and Boothbay Harbor had voted for the joint council. I wanted to read the text of the referendum to see if it comports with constructing buildings for industrial use so I presented the JECD with a freedom of information request. I surprised and taken aback by the answer:
Dear Ms Wolf,
This is a freedom of access request for the text of the public referendums of Boothbay and Boothbay Harbor which approved the formation of the JECD as well as the public referendum for a bond funds for the hiring of architecture, landscaping, engineering and data consultants. for both municipalities.
Thank You very much for your assistance in this Freedom of Information request.
Mackenzie Andersen, East Boothbay Maine.

Dear Ms. Andersen:
The JEDC was established by a formal joint agreement between the Select Boards of Boothbay and Boothbay Harbor. A copy of the jointly approved Economic Development Agreement (EDA) can be obtained from the town office.
There was no public referendum involved in this process. The funding provided by each town through their annual budgets. The JEDC request is presented to each town budget and/or Select Board as part of the normal budget review process. These meetings, which typically occur early in the calendar year, are open to the public. In May, each town presents their warrants, which includes the proposed annual budget for vote by the residents. Our funding is not a bond.
I hope this clarifies our processes.
Regards - Wendy Wolf

Dear Ms Wolf.
The JECD is the agency claiming it has authority to develop their master plan for our communities and so I have addressed the freedom of information request to the JECD.
I am requesting authorization of JECD's authority-by the registered voters of Boothbay and Boothbay Harbor, as it regards any activity involved in the construction of buildings for industrial use. It is the JECD's selected consultants which is being funded on the taxpayers dime-per article in the Register.
Our municipal governments are governed by the Maine State Constitution" which is very specific about the source of authority for the type of project which the JECD is clearly developing. Please explain why you feel this does not apply to the JECD.
Municipal Home Rule provides the rule of law for the construction of industrial buildings, which it is reasonable to assume is the JECD's master plan since the property owners of the two town's are being billed for consulting services of architects, landscaping, and engineering, with obviously even higher bills to follow;
Maine Constitution Municipal Home Rule Section 2.
Construction of buildings for industrial use. For the purposes of fostering, encouraging and assisting the physical location, settlement and resettlement of industrial and manufacturing enterprises within the physical boundaries of any municipality, the registered voters of that municipality may, by majority vote, authorize the issuance of notes or bonds in the name of the municipality for the purpose of purchasing land and interests therein or constructing buildings for industrial use, to be leased or sold by the municipality to any responsible industrial firm or corporation.
Since you are telling me that the selectmen decided to delegate authority to develop a master plan for our community, paid for by the community, without first receiving authorization from registered voters, I will address the freedom of information request to the board of selectmen as well. Mackenzie Andersen

Wendy Wolf

4:39 PM (2 hours ago)
to meThomasDan
The JEDC is not an agency, but rather a town-appointed ad hoc committee.  The JEDC has not authorized, nor does it have the authority to allocate any funding for the construction of any building or structures.
Regards - Wendy Wolf 

to Wendy, twoodin, townmanager
OK the JEDC is town-appointed ad hoc committee claiming it has authority to develop their master plan for our communities and the agent of that master plan. 

It was the JECD who advertised for consultants for their master plan on Lincoln County Economic Development.

Have you contacted the Boothbay Register about correcting this story?

Boothbay approves JEDC expenditures totaling $76,000

Cunningham was less enthusiastic about a third proposal. The JEDC proposed spending up to $40,000 to facilitate a strategic master plan for the Boothbay peninsula.  The master plan would incorporate comprehensive plans of the four peninsula communities — Boothbay, Boothbay Harbor, Edgecomb and Southport — in developing a long-term strategy to guide regional economic development.
The JEDC proposed hiring Camoin Associates along with Wright Pierce, an engineering firm, and MRLD, a Portland landscape and architecture firm, to develop a regional economic master plan. Camoin and its partners would develop a strategic plan by examining the region’s infrastructure, downtown development, affordable workforce housing opportunities advanced by possible land use changes, and potential tax increment financing (TIF) or other development projects based on local needs.

Duly noted that you did not think it significant to answer the question "Why the Maine Constitution, Municipal Home Rule, Section 2, does not apply to the JECD ?


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