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Socialism-Communism VS The Maine State Constitution

Julie Ranson TWEET THIS The rest of this post contains out takes for A Maine Citizens Journey Through the Statutes of Transformation . which you can have by supporting this blog for a minimum contribution of $10.00 sent via PayPal to . I will then email the TimeLine to you, which includes the research I did on the 2013 legislative session, which I have been reporting on here and will continue to do so: 1876 Separation of Corporation & State Article IV Part Third Section 14 added to Maine State Constitution forbidding the legislature to charter corporations by special acts of legislation Article IV. Part Third. Legislative Power Section 13.  Special legislation.   The Legislature shall, from time to time, provide, as far as practicable, by general laws, for all matters usually appertaining to special or private legislation. Section 14.  Corpor

The Missing Most of the Economy!

Tweet This! This video is filled with many sorrowful images but I look at it I see freedom and I see locations where a ceramic slip casting production could take advantage of the natural affinity between ceramic production work and the often deeply rooted rural inhabitants. Such an enterprise is a natural fit between the existing populous and the work. But the freedom is an illusion in Maine, 2014. All rural areas are threatened by population relocation plans of either Agenda 21 or by the corporate state deploring that the inhabitants are not producing their "fair share" of revenue to meet the corporation's bottom line.  Back in 2012 then gubernatorial wannabe Steve Woods suggested that the state could deny infrastructure tax dollars to rural communities  which he claimed were not producing enough sales tax revenue to justify their existence and openly expressing his philosophy that the people serve the interests of the state and not the o

Andersen Studio Evolution Diaries

Does A conscious Business make Since- video by John Mackey, Founder of Whole Foods and the Conscious Capitalism Movement and inspiration for the Great American Ceramic Artists Designer Craftsmen Network- only a vision now but moving towards reality as the evolution of Andersen studio- Andersen Design ceramic wild life sculptures and functional forms , made in the USA since 1952.

Lepage and TheTotalitarian State

TWEET THIS Governor Lepage is working hard to get the youth signed up as workers in the the targeted sector. There is not a lot of detail in this video. Lepage says corporations will buy student debt because corporations want workers. He doesn't explain much but he says he thinks he can make this "profitable". Don't the students already want jobs so they can pay back the debt? And doesn't student debt belong to the student and not the state? How can the state give a tax credit in exchange for services rendered to private citizens? Why would a corporation have to buy a debt from the state in order to get students to work for them? There is a demand for jobs- and demand for workers- I think they can get together on their own without the state managing it. Perhaps Lepage feels empowered to step in where there is no need for government to intervene because in 2013 the Maine Legislature passed §3304. Industry partnerships T

Andersen Studio Evolution Diaries: Darma Art and Other Rambing Thoughts on How and Why to Craft a Successful Crowdfunder

Andersen Studio-Design is a small independent private sector American Ceramic design and slip-casting enterprise, in existence since 1952. We need to raise capital in order to preserve our business in a way that can be carried on by future generations of ceramic designers and crafters . However, being so independent has its drawbacks- we don't have an easily accessed network of support needed to pull off a successful crowd funder. I see the most likely avenue of support as coming from the Conscious Capitalism movement started by John Mackey who founded Whole Foods, but how does one get the attention of a Mr Mackey and/or other other influencer willing to lend their name in support of our project? I suppose one can start by spreading the word- which is what I am doing now in this rambling and philosophical post about where Andersen Studio finds itself in today's world and how a company like Andersen Studio can make this world a better place in ways not usually considered in cont