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Senator Rubio's World Views VS the Canonized World View Of The Maine State Legislature

Tweet This I came across this speech on foreign affairs delivered by Marco Rubio in September. Rubio shows a holistic grasp of a complex and changing world world and true innovation in his plan to deal with that reality.    VS The world view canonized into statutory law by the legislature of Maine ( out take from A Maine Citizen's Journey Through The Statutes of Transformation )- Emulating Comrade China’s Road Map to Success 2013 JOINT RESOLUTION AFFIRMING THE FRIENDSHIP BETWEEN THE STATE OF MAINE AND THE REPUBLIC OF CHINA Beginning with this statement: WHEREAS,  the United States and the Republic of China, known as Taiwan, share a most important relationship supported by our common values of freedom, democracy, rule of law and commitment to a free market economy; and……. Commentary: It goes on to list the economic reasons-and to establish that,  China is on board with “climate change” (actually “pollution”- which is not the same as cl

Christmas Banned at The University of Maine ( A Corporate Instrumentality of the State! )

TWEET THIS ! SEE THE WBAI VIDEO HERE This video ends with an announcement that it is not clear where the directive to  ban Christmas at The University of Maine comes from ( my phrasing) 1981 §10903. State agency The university shall be an instrumentality and agency of the State for the purpose for which it was established and for which it has been managed and maintained under Private and Special Law 1865, chapter 532, and related supplementary legislation.  [ 1981,  c. 693,  §§ 5, 8  (NEW) .] SECTION HISTORY 1981,  c. 693,  §§5,8  (NEW) . The identity of the persons making this decision is kept under cover in this article and video. However the University of Maine is a corporate instrumentality of the state- as so deemed by the Maine legislature in 1981 . In 1995 The Maine State Legislature granted itself jurisdiction over educational matters at the University of Maine and since at least 2002 there has been a minor in Marxist and Socialists Studies at

Governor Longley's Architects Of Transformation

John M Daigle, Perry Hudson, Philip W. Hussey, Jr, James L Moody, Sr, P.Andrews Bixon, Rand N.Stowell, Jr Reccomendation to Jame's B Longley, Governor  of Maine in the year 1976 Tweet This ! John M Daigle was president of  Casco Bank Trust Co   and   Casco Northern Corporation .   Perry Hudson  was the general manager of New England Telephone. Phillip W Hussey, Jr, owner of   Hussey Seating Company .  P. Andrews Nixon   was the head of the largest distributor of residential heating fuel in New England and the operator of the Dead River chain of 20 c-stores in New England.   Rand N Stowel Junior  was the CEO, President of United Timber Corp, a family owned forest products company with multiple subsidiaries including wood products manufacturing, saw milling operations and extensive timberlands making it one of Maine's larger businesses. In later years Stowel formed the Predictive Control Systems LLC.   In 2001 Stowel was sued by his partner in Predict

1977 The Maine Capital Corporation - Seeding The Hegemony

TWEET THIS ! At this moment I am reading a report I received from the Maine Law Library- a report which was used to create The Maine Economic Development Corporation  and T he Maine Capital Corporation - a private investment corporation chartered by the Maine legislature which offered tax credits for stock. It was chartered contingent to The Maine Development Foundation Corporation. The Maine Constitution , prohibits the legislature from chartering of corporations by special acts of legislation with an exception for municipal purposes and if the objects of the corporation cannot be otherwise achieved. (Article Iv Part Third Sections 13 & 14) Article X. Additional Provisions. Section 3.  Laws now in force continue until repealed.   All laws now in force in this State, and not repugnant to this Constitution, shall remain, and be in force, until altered or repealed by the Legislature, or shall expire by their own limitation. When originally chartere

Fiscal Information Required by Maine Constitution to Accompany Bond Questions

TWEET THIS: Continuing my investigation into the constitutional bond ratification process : This looks like the fiscal information which is constitutionally  required to accompany the bond questions . This information is found on the Maine Treasurer's report to the Maine legislature. Treasurer Douglass's February 12, 2014 Bond Update to MaineLegislature : Honorable Members of the 126th Maine Legislature: Update on General Obligation Bonds: $52M funded to date; $84M total expected in FY2014; $78M requested in Q1 FY 2015  excerpt: Here are some additional facts about Maine General Obligation Bonds: • Maine GO bonds are traditionally structured to mature in 10 years, with two payments per year after the initial borrowing. • AU bonds expire after 5 years if not issued, but may be reauthorized for 2 years by the Legislature.* • GO bonds are issued by the State Treasurer with the full faith and credit of the State. • Th