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The Maine Media Coverage of Government Economic Development Policies Fits the Definition Of Propaganda

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Day four of my Crowdfunder once again comes up empty with the deadline for taking the deal being offered by iuniversal tomorrow. If worse comes to worse, I can probably find a way to squeeze the initial payment out of my own already stretched resources but I have to consider all the aspects of that decision which includes the use of my time.

Even before I knew that I believe in God, I was a person that felt that the universe, or everything that is, speaks to one through the events that manifest around us. It has occurred to me that I am being offered very good terms for the iuniversal program at the opportune moment for me to make space in my life for writing my book. In terms of writing the biggest competition for that space of time is the blog. For a long time my blog focused on digging up the history of Maine's economic development statutes, reading and analyzing statutes that came into being years ago and by the time I discovered them were already deeply entrenched into the Maine political socio-economic system. This gave me a background understanding which I haven't actually found spoken out loud else where. I am sure there are others as well  who understand the background of the entire economic system in Maine  and possibly even better than I do- but they are not saying so- at least not out loud. I once recieved this comment to my blog:

Please contact me regarding this article. I find it 100% true and have some insight to what is going on in Brunswick. on MRRA and Tempus Jets Drain More Money From The TaxPayers Via The Pine Tree Zone.

I contacted the author of the comment but I never received a response. I did not publish the comment to protect the author's identity.

As much as I may feel that my background research has been very thorough, there is no way for me to know that I have uncovered the whole. In fact, every time I look, even at a statute I have looked at before, it is not unusual to discover something new, especially since when ever I re-read a statute I have a greater background understanding of the whole system of economic development statutes than I had the previous time that I looked at it. The design for the whole system is hidden in all of the parts and the parts are likewise hidden in the whole.

However this year my focus has been on bills or current news stories. Since the legislative sessions wind down in June, that means there will not be as many current news stories calling to be examined- or I should say, there will not be new works of legislation calling to be examined. As I have examined each piece of legislation in the news I have found that all are reported in independent main stream news resources as if they are all using the same outline and script instructions. The legislation is spun uniformly, telling the same story through out the main stream media. Important aspects of each bill are omitted uniformly by all of those independent news sources, and the issues are framed in a uniform way by all of the supposedly independent news media in Maine. There is never a background context that connects the current legislation with the entire economic development policies of the state.

: ideas or statements that are often false or exaggerated and that are spread in order to help a cause, a political leader, a government, etc.

I covered the bills in the public media focus as well. I covered them by first reading the legislation.

I started by three part series on the Put ME to Work bill by first looking at what was going on in the Community College statutes. There in I found that through the mechanism of refundable tax credits and factoring in a background knowledge of the entire economic development policies instituted in Maine, that the cost of work training for private companies could easily be passed along to the general Maine Tax Payers - which you can read about in detail HERE. I found that every certified educational institution in Maine is considered to be part of the community college system. including the University of Maine, which has a legal document protecting its rights to the ownership of intellectual property in place. The inclusion of legal claims to intellectual property rights throughout the charters for the subsidiary corporations in Maine's corporate network established to serve as "instrumentalities of the state"  is one of the very significant facts that has been uniformly omitted throughout Maine's main stream media in it's ongoing coverage of Maine's economic development policies. Selectivity in reporting relative information is one of the ear marks of propaganda:
Propaganda  Wikipedia
Propaganda is a form of communication aimed towards influencing the attitude of a population toward some cause or position.
Propaganda is information that is not impartial and used primarily to influence an audience and further an agenda, often by presenting facts selectively (perhaps lying by omission) to encourage a particular synthesis

When I went to find the actual Put Me To Work bill, I noticed another glaring omission by Maine's main stream media - including an editorial by  Speaker of the House Mark Eves in the Portland Press Herald- that there was no link to the actual bill- nor was there any mention of the bills LD number. making it more than the usual challenge to locate the actual bill. When I searched "Put ME To Work" on Google . the top results are for a music video- Perhaps the Maine Legislature could use this video to promote their legislation as well !

When I eventually found LD1373, the reason for hiding it seemed all too clear. Can you spot it as easily as I did ?

If not there is a clue in the title of the blog post that I wrote after locating the Put Me To Work  bill text"

25% for You- 75% for Maine State INC in Maine's Put ME to Work Bill

I searched for other features in Maine's premier news paper -The Portland Press Herald on LD1373- one written by someone other than the Speaker of The House who is one of the government sponsor's of the bill. I didn't find anything, Could the writing on the wall be any clearer? The Maine main stream media is in the business of distributing what qualifies, by definition, as government propaganda- We have been hearing only one message serving one agenda for decades.

I am one of the few voices in Maine questioning and examining that agenda. My blog readership has been growing slowly but surely over time. In the beginning my readership was mainly in the Boothbay Region- then it expanded to Damariscotta and Newcastle- suggesting that there must be some sort of street level word of mouth taking place, At first my Google analytic's chart displayed one big circle for the Boothbay area. Today there are many big circles and other circles of descending sizes. My readership is still concentrated in Southern Maine but the smaller circles extend all the way up to the border of northern Maine.

But still I have a very small megaphone and considering that- publishing a book - even of modest success will increase the size of my own media voice significantly. In order for Maine to be governed by something other than a calculated propaganda machine sounding like one chorus delivering the same message in unison, there needs to be a more high profile media voice expressing alternate points of view.

Once again please consider becoming a backer of my project- what ever size. I know your financial resources may be as stretched as my own but consider the fact that in addition to that the demands on my time and energy are also being stretched in order to bring another voice and another perspective into Maine's media profile- be it a very small megaphone for now.

Tomorrow I have to put down slightly under $300.00 to take advantage of the 50% discount on the iuniversal program. For the Beacon Journalist Crowdfunder I have to raise $500.00 before I get to keep any of the funds - or I thought I read that- but have to find it again- If that is correct I will not actually have access to any funding until I reach that level.

Please Click on the link  as seen in the side bar and make a contribution.

Thank You ,



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