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Day Three Of Crowdfunder- Weighing Conflicts of Interest

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Day Three of my campaign is another day of coming up empty and as the hour approaches when I must decide whether to take the deal or not, I have a lot of considerations to weigh including most significantly the use of my time. We have an understaffed business with many huge challenges to meet and on top of that a lot of work to do for probate.  At least 300% of my energy is needed for that meaning my plate is already too full.

However our business exists in a larger context and the way I see things the context and our own personal place with in it are inseparably part of each other.

One of my earliest childhood memories was sitting in the field and thinking of my world. I thought first there is me and then my family and then the community and so on until there was the whole world. That was a world in which the atomic bomb has just been created and I gave the world only twenty five years- but I was wrong on that score. However it did affect the way that I lived my life- perhaps it affected my whole generation which is why we were the tune out generation- you know the history.

But I tell you this story because it has been a recurrent memory through out my whole life when ever I find myself confronted with issues of how I spend my time. It is the reason that when I created my first blog, the name I came up with was Sitting On A Log. I always find myself returning to that time and place in hours of  big decisions.

I could say, I should bite the bullet and spend all of my time on our business and personal situation which needs more of my time and energy than I have to give- but then I would be giving in and let the propaganda that is so prevalent in the public dialogue in Maine rule- without any opposition.....Or practically none as I do not see anyone else delving into the history and the incredible propaganda that has been embedded into statutes that have been written, as I have done and can't seem to stop doing. I am going on auto quite frankly, I am permitting myself to go on auto and use my time and energy to follow the narrative I have been following where ever it goes. I don't know if I have the ability to turn auto off ! The best thing would be to make it part of my source of income so that I don't feel so conflicted about stealing the time needed for our business to tell the story that isn't being told by anyone else that I can see.

So I say that if you want this story told- you should be supporting my efforts to get to a place where I might derive some income from telling the story, based on the faith that if I were to publish a book with the help of a network of professionals such as iuniverse that I would be making more of an income from the use of my time spent here than I do now- which is nothing. My motivation in telling the story is not to make money- it is because the story needs to be told and that is why I cannot say that I have the ability to turn off auto so that I can invest my time and energy in our own family business that also needs to be saved !

Andersen Design- An American Ceramic Art & Design Company- Still Made In The USA .

On that note- although there is a whole other part to this post calling to unfold, duty calls- I have to cut it short and attend to other pressing issues.

Please become a backer of the narrative that is unfolding through this story teller. Any small amount shows support and that matters. And any large amount could go along way toward resolving my current conflict of interests.



iUniverse initially focused on business-to-consumer print-on-demand publishing as well as publishing both new and reprinted titles.[2] Soon after they were founded, Barnes & Noble purchased a 49% stake in the company. As part of the agreement, Barnes & Noble was to offer iUniverse titles both in their online bookstore and at their physical stores.[3]
In 2004, porn star Amy Fisher's memoir If I Knew Then about how she pled guilty to first-degree aggravated assault and served seven years in prison, became the best-selling book in iUniverse's history, selling 32,445 copies up to 2004.[4] Nevertheless, according to a 2005 Publishers Weekly article, out of the more than 18,000 titles published by iUniverse until 2004, only 83 had sold at least 500 copies and only 14 titles had been sold through physical Barnes & Noble stores.[4]
In September 2007, iUniverse was purchased by Author Solutions, the parent company of hedge fund owned rival AuthorHouse.[5] On January 22, 2008, Author Solutions announced iUniverse operations would move from Lincoln, Nebraska to Bloomington, Indianato be co-located with AuthorHouse.[1] In June 2008, it was announced that Author Solutions would "onshore" iUniverse's Shanghai, China operations—creating more than 140 new jobs in its Indiana headquarters over the next few years.[6]

Industry recognition[edit]

iUniverse has been recognized by both industry groups and independent publishing watchdogs. In 2003, iUniverse received the Editors' Choice designation from PC Magazine in a comparison of six print-on-demand companies.[7]
In 2011, iUniverse was ranked #1 of 12 in the online book publishing category by[8] The company earned the TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award, and was appraised as an indie publisher that “does a great job with its basic features, up-to-date marketing and helpful paid add-on services.”
Publishers Weekly notes iUniverse has partnerships with The Writers' Club (under Writers Club Press) and Writer's Digest (under The Writer's Showcase).[9]

This is would be so much easier if I just had the state working for me mandating that the taxpayers  support my crowdfunder- isn't that what the taxpayers are in the government's design to redistribute the wealth to the new owners of the means of production- the taxpayers are the crowdfunders who reduce the risk for the new owners of the means of production- but crowdfunders with no free will. It is so much more difficult when you have to try to get a crowd to fund your project of their own free will. - But having made that point- when the economist tells you that the projects funded by the New Markets Tax Credit wouldn't happen any other way. then whats that about? According to the philosophy of the economist- it couldn't happen via a crowdfunder in which the funders have a free will- and exactly what kind of a political philosophy is that?  Isn't that actually saying that if the crowdfunders -ie the taxpayers- had free will- they wouldn't support the project? And exactly how does the economist know that?


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