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Lepage's Sudden Concern For Main Street As he Signs Unconstitutional Internet Sales Tax Law

This is a link to an article about the federal unconstitutionality of Governor Lepage's internet tax law by Brian Daugherty  describing the way it affects the income of ordinary Maine people.

Why Maine’s New Internet Tax is Bad For Business

Michelle Anderson from Millinocket, Maine, has been an Amazon affiliate for close to 12 years.  On Thursday she received a letter from the Amazon Associates Program explaining why she will no longer be welcome to participate and why she will be losing over 20% of her yearly income.

We’re writing from the Amazon Associates Program to notify you that your Associates account will be closed and your Amazon Services LLC Associates Program Operating Agreement will be terminated effective October 6, 2013. This is a direct result of the unconstitutional Maine state tax collection legislation passed by the state legislature and signed by Governor LePage on June 5, 2013, with an effective date of October 9, 2013.”

For more than a decade, she and her husband have depended on the money they make through the sale of Amazon books and products to pay for their  house and car insurances as well as other expenses.

“I wrote and called the Governor’s office on more than one occasion to beg him not to kill our jobs. I wrote to him to tell him what happened in every state which signed this law into existence. But sadly, I got no response; not even a form letter. And now, with this one unconstitutional swipe of his pen, Governor Paul LePage — who used to whip his pocket Constitution out of his coat at every speech and appearance — has added still more of a burden on many people who have managed to stay in Maine despite its leaders’ propensity to enact job-killing legislation” Anderson claimed.
quoted from Why Maine’s New Internet Tax is Bad For Business

In Maine, the retail sector  is delegated to the "untargeted sector" in the statute that established the Maine Department of Economic and Community Development, which explicitly excludes the retail sector from benefits and services of that taxpayer funded initiative. By excluding the retail sector, most of Main Street is excluded from Maine State Inc's definition of "community" but suddenly , now that our governor wants to tax online sales- for which our government contributes the usual to it's un-targeted sector- ie NOTHING!- suddenly Lepage and his kingdom, Maine State Inc, are loyal defenders of Main Street retailers ! In addition to being unconstitutional as Mr Daugherty's article describes, it is also blatant taxation without representation, which is the general status quo for the "targeted sector"economic policies entrenched in the very life blood of Maine State Inc.

Lepage boasted about the growth of the aviation industry, thanks to his sales tax exclusion for that high end industry . And now Lepage is all praises for the questionable use of Pine Tree Zone tax exemptions for Tempus Jets- a company that will service the private jet owning crowd and bring more of the "targeted sector desirable" to Maine.

But someone has to pay for all of that so yesterday the sales tax for "untargeted" retailers just went up another half percent.

More evidence that the goal of Maine's unconstitutional government by economic tzars is to transform Maine into a playground for global capitalist.- and to relocate the rest.


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