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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Networking Essential For A Successful Crowdfunder And Developing Such A Network Is It's Purpose


As you can see I am doing a crowdfunder in an attempt to raise the resources to take advantage of a 50% discount on iuniversal's program for self publishers. It is no surprise that I raised no funds on the first day because I am what you call an outlier blogger, which means in essence that I am not connected to a network of people working or supporting what I do. My mission in bringing the information and point of view that I present in my blog is to affect change in the entrenched political paradigm in Maine, and the USA,including the media. Crowdfunding depends on networking and I lack a network, which is why I want to be part of the Iuniversal program, a program which connects self published authors to community of professionals in the self publishing industry.It will help to build a network.

I do not get paid for writing my blog and so it is not easy to find the time and focus to put the information I have gathered and the ideas that I have developed into a book form, especially when I find myself spending more and more of my time commenting on current bills and issues that arise. The iuniversal program can provide a community with which I can connect on this project helping to maintain the focus needed to bring the book into being:

When you publish with iUniverse, you not only partner with one of the most well-known organizations in the industry, but you also receive unique supported self-publishing benefits.

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I would like to have the book out in the months before the next election season, Political campaigns must be in the works long before I am anticipating publishing my book but I expect there to be more bonds on the ballot. The bonds will be sold to Mainers as "job creation" . If you read the actual text of the bond bill. it will probably tell you that the bonds will be processed through the same state corporations that redistribute the taxpayers money to the new owners of the means of production, which I have written about on my blog. The fiscal information will not accompany the bond question on the ballot as required by Maine Constitution because in 2013 the Maine legislature passed a statute over riding the Maine Constitution by directing that information to be placed "somewhere outside the guardrail" which means "outside the voting area". There are no instructions in that statute stating how to let the public know that information is available and where it is to be found.

The other reason for wanting to publish a book is to preserve the research I have done and the view on the historical transformation of Maine which I have expressed in a more permament form so that  that the work I have done can continue to have a life of its own, even after I am gone.

The total cost of the program is about $800.00 with the discount. To take advantage of that discount I  need $300.00 by Monday. To keep the money I raise from the crowdfunder even if I do not meet my goal, I need to raise $500.00 and to be able to publish stories on Beacon I need to successfully reach my goal of $800.00.

Please consider being a backer of my book publishing crowdfunder. If you can only make a small contribution, that is appreciated. If you can afford to make a large contribution that will help to make up for the fact that I do not currently have a network of support needed for a successful crowdfunder. The goal of this crowdfunder is to pay for a subscription to a community that can help me to develop such a network.

You can click on the ad for my crowdfunder found at the top of the side panel on my blog to make a contribution.

Thank You,


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