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Maine Statute Affirms "Shared Values" with The People's Republic of China


Here we are at the day before the vote and I still have a lot of territory to cover regarding the 2013 Maine legislative session which I researched for my time line, A Maine Citizen's Journey Through The Statutes of Transformation, which you can receive in full by sending a contribution to this otherwise unfunded independent research blog to via paypal. I will then send it to you via PayPal as download links never seem to stay functional for long.


In my last post I covered the No-Contest between the interests of the general public's need to know about toxic materials and the business interests of Maine State Inc.

In the same legislative session a bill was passed confirming Maine's friendship with China

Beginning with this statement:

WHEREAS,  the United States and the Republic of China, known as Taiwan, share a most important relationship supported by our common values of freedom, democracy, rule of law and commitment to a free market economy; and…….

The Statute goes on to list economic reasons for befriending China -and to establish that China is on board with “climate change” - an interesting choice of words, especially since it isn't true. China has publicly acknowledge that she has a pollution problem and is allegedly making efforts to address that problem. The fact that China has a pollution problem is non-controversial. Global warming is controversial. Pollution and global warming are not synonymous and are not interchangeable terms. But at the same time the Maine Legislature is befriending China , it is also NOT passing a bill to protect the public's right to know about hazardous materials because granting such a right to the general public conflicts with Maine State Inc's business interests- and there in lies the real "shared common value" between Maine State Inc and China. China could not have become the economic global power house of which the board of Maine State Inc is so enamored had it had environmental regulations equatable to those of the USA  in place. China rose to the top of global economic status by offering companies cost-savings in the form of minimalist environmental and health considerations, is now changing its tune:
Combating pollution has shot up the agenda of the ruling Communist Party, which for years pushed for rapid economic development with little concern about the environmental impact. Under public pressure to reduce the air pollution that blankets Beijing and cities across China, the country’s leaders are rebalancing their priorities. China Declares War on Pollution-NY POST

Maine State Inc is now emulating China's road map to success by marginalizing the public's environmental concerns. It wouldn't do to say the truth- that China is now addressing its pollution problem- so lets spin it using the far more controversial "global warming" meme. That will fly under the public's radar!

The spin that the United States and the Republic of China share "
common values of freedom, democracy, rule of law and commitment to a free market economy" is sadly all too true, at least from the perspective of practicing policies. I hope in the future to expand my research into economic development statutes to a national level since the spokes persons for the corporation of Maine are perpetually justifying their own unconstitutional actions with the claim that all the other states are doing the same thing forcing Maine to take action and at the same time the legislature lauds itself for passing the diabolical Expanded and Improved Seed Capital Tax Credit-making Maine a leader among the states-soon to be emulated ! All the while that the political class of Maine promotes the myth that all the other states in the USA are moving away from the free enterprise system, it ignores one's of Maine's most confounding competitors- the state of New Hampshire- which is not part of the global capitalist evolution- yet, and yet, is always far ahead of Maine in economic state by state comparisons.        


Meanwhile  China is making hegemonic moves on the Pacific Rim. Hegemony is a common value that Maine State Inc shares with The People's Republic of China as is evidence in the bill passed in the same legislative session in which the legislature of Maine created yet another essential government function- that of managing relationships between private businesses

§3304. Industry partnerships

This act includes a long list of new government functions beginning with this:

1. Objectives.  The objectives of an industry partnership are to:
A. Organize businesses, employers, workers, labor organizations and industry associations into a collaborative structure that supports the sharing of information, ideas and challenges common to their industry cluster; [2013, c. 368, Pt. FFFFF, §1 (NEW).]
And while Maine builds hegemony within , China expands hegemony without:

Assistant secretary of state for East Asia, in February labeled China’s claim to almost all of the South China Sea, hundreds of miles from its shoreline, as “inconsistent with international law.Danny Russel
Admiral Harry Harris, commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, told an Australian audience on April 9: “I am concerned by the aggressive growth of the Chinese military, their lack of transparency, and a pattern of increasingly assertive behavior in the region.” Bloomberg News Apr 22, 2014
And while Maine expands the authority of the legislature to redistribute the fruit of the public's labor to a new class of owners of the means of production via the Expanded and Improved Seed Capital Tax Credit, the gap between the haves and have-nots continues to expand in Maine's new found friend, the People's Republic of China:

China’s Income Inequality Surpasses U.S., Posing Risk for Xi
The income gap between the rich and poor in China has surpassed that of the U.S. and is among the widest in the world, a report showed, adding to the challenges for President Xi Jinping as growth slows.
The growing wealth disparity that accompanied China’s breakneck growth
 in the decade through 2011 has increased the risk of social instability in the world’s most populous nation and biggest developing economy. Xi is engineering a slowdown in expansion to below 8 percent and leading a campaign against corruption as he grapples with rising unrest, credit risks, and pollution choking the country’s biggest citiesBloomberg News April 29 2014

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And why leave out indoctrination ? The Maine Legislature sold a piece of the University of Maine corporation to their new friend :
 2013 Confucius Institute installed at the University of Southern MaineThe Confucius Institute partners with  the Dongbei University of Finance and Economics. which features a departmental focus on globalism: , International Cooperation Office School Of International BusinessInternational Institute of Chinese Language and CultureGlobal Institute of Management and Economics

McDonnell said banned topics and questions of academic freedom were never an issue in USM's negotiations with Hanban, and the university made no agreements about topics that could not be discussed."Our (program) is really designed with our school of education to teach Chinese language, so we're not confronted with those issues," he said.Hanban, which provides the instructors and materials, also gave USM $150,000 in startup funds, and will provide about $100,000 a year to administer the institute, depending on the level of programming it offers, McDonnell said There is no cost to USM, which has struggled with deep budget cuts in recent years that have led to the elimination of some programs and instructors. Maine leaders laud wisdom of Confucius Institute PPH

Of course it isn't an issue, Maine State Inc and The Confucius institute are on the same global capitalists page:

Founding philosophy of the DECD Corporation:

§13051. Legislative findings
The Legislature finds that the State's economy is linked to the national and international economies. Economic changes and disruptions around the world and in the nation have a significant impact upon the State's economy. The rise of 3rd-world and 4th-world countries as manufacturers of commodities for mass markets and the gradual evolution of the national economy to a technological, informational, specialty product-based economy have significantly affected the State and its communities. [RR 2013, c. 2, §5 (COR).]
In order for the State's economy to grow and gain a solid footing, it is necessary to determine the State's assets and the economic opportunities that are or will be available to the State's enterprise, municipalities and labor force. When these opportunities are determined or become apparent, state economic development policies and programs must be focused on facilitating the realization of these opportunities and removing barriers that impede the exploitation of these opportunities. [1987, c. 534, Pt. A, §§17, 19 (NEW).]

Unfortunately I cannot cover all that went on in the 2013 legislative session in this blog. If you want to see the entire report before the election tomorrow - you can send a contribution via PayPal to mackenzie@ and I will email it to you. I will make a special effort to keep my eye on this today.

Bills that are frequently attempted to pass but don't are bills that protect the public against eminent domain, bills that establish a state bank, and bills that grant state property taxes. 

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My own representatives, Chris Johnson and Bruce McDonald have been sponsors of a bill attempting to create a state property tax using educational equality as the reason. I think that is pure bull. If one is interested in educational equality- how about beginning with economic opportunity equality? This state is not interested in creating economic opportunity equality- opportunity is for the upper echelons - the state provides rations for the rest- whether you call those rations general welfare or high paying jobs in the publicly funded workforce with equally high taxation. The upper echelon is not taxed and is granted an unending stream of public capitalization to pursue whatever opportunity suits their hearts delight- that is unending unless we stop it by JUST SAYING NO TO BONDS ! The rest pay for the upper echelons opportunities but have few avenues to pursue of their own.(crowd funding may be changing this)  The system is designed from above- do your designated part - or leave! It is a hidden population displacement plan.

I strongly advocate voting both Chris Johnson and Bruce McDonald out of office! The last thing we need is a state property tax.


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