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Update Letter To Maine Government Oversight Committee

Update on letter to Government Oversight Committee:

To date none will address the issues I raised -  not even from my own Senator Chris Johnson. This does not surprise me when our state is run by a hegemony of power. Its been ions since the Maine state legislature granted onto themselves the authority to centrally manage the economy and have been decreeing for years that the transference of taxpayer money to private interests is for the public good. How could anyone think otherwise? The legislature is incapable of dealing with views outside of their own hegemony and they have stopped governing by the consent of the governed decades ago. I know there are many among the governed who do not agree that the redistribution of wealth currently implemented by our legislature serves the "public benefit"- but we are not among the "targeted sector" served by our legislature. I know there are many that do not like the direction that the University of Maine is going and the way that institution is being used as a tool of the state's central management of the economy, which is trending increasingly toward global capitalism- in other words transferring the public resources of the people of Maine to the new owners of global production. The University of Maine is another tool being used toward that end- and a powerful tool it is- that of indoctrination.

Amid all this news about cut backs - there is an announcement of a new "leadership minor" at the University of Maine

About Professor Powell it says "Powell, who also serves as advisor for UMaine’s Legal Studies minor, director of the Institute for Leadership and Democracy, director of the Peter Madigan ’81 Congressional Internship Program and Kenneth Palmar Maine State Legislative Internship Program, said inspiration for the Leadership Studies minor came from the Maine’s distinguished history of leaders.
 “This wonderful list of people who’ve been very influential also tended to exercise a kind of leadership that’s different from what you find elsewhere,” Powell said. “They’re civil, thoughtful and respectful of others and are willing to sit down and talk to people that differ from them and work out agreements and compromises.
Since my letter was not deemed worthy of a response by the Government Oversight Committee, I also sent it to the two professors who will be conducting the new minor in leadership at the University of Maine. I do not anticipate that the new leadership who is "willing to sit down and talk to those who differ with them" will extend that sentiment so far as to a member of the general public which is assigned the role of being the beast of burden and no more.

How is it that there is a new minor being added at a time of cut backs? One can't help but notice that Richard Powell has this in his resume:
In 2010 he was a Fulbright Lecturer at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China (one of the top five universities in China), where he taught graduate-level courses on American elections and political institutions. He has also lectured at some of China’s top universities including Tsinghua University (Beijing), Fudan University (Shanghai), Sichuan University (Chengdu), Northwest University (Xi’an), and Xi’an International Studies University (Xi’an)
As with the states economic development policies- each part is presented separably to the public but all the parts work together as a single system. Professor Powell's background will make a smooth fit with the Confucius Institute- recently installed by the Chinese government at USM and said to be the first at the University of Maine. Out with the old- In with the new! What's a budget got to do with it?


This is the message added to the most recent request to the Maine House of Lords, Government Oversight Committee :

Amid all the controversy of cutbacks- how is it that there is a new leadership minor at the University of M?

Could Professor Powell’s close relationship to the Maine state legislature and China have anything to do with it? 

Why was my letter to the Maine Government Oversight Committee deleted from the student newspaper and why did Face book classify the announcement of the new leadership course a “product review” and then say my letter was not relevant to that product review- in which Professor Powell praises past leaders of Maine as “willing to sit down and talk to people that differ from them and work out agreements and compromises.” -implying that these are traits that his leadership minor will develop?

Why then was my letter which addresses Professor Powell's area of influence – specifically grooming the youth for the Maine State legislature and the United States Congress- and advising the political science department at the University of M- deleted?

Actions speak louder than rhetoric! 

Is the University of M merely an institution of indoctrination ? I would like a response to my letter which includes any courses currently offered at the University of M that covers the Federalist Papers, The Maine State Constitution, and the United States Constitution- you can get that information from Professor Powell !

Update on KickStarter project:

I cancelled the Kickstarter project on the second day but all was not lost. During the short period of time that I ran it , I received tweets about resources not yet launched which could make a difference and I am continuing to work on developing a stream of income from this blog to which I devote far too much time for an unpaid avocation - It all takes a lot of time and research.

Update on Website

 I don't have a lot of time to work on website. It is plagued by phoney registrations. I installed a google capcha program but It hasn't stopped the phoney registrations yet and so  I'll have to keep on working on that.

I am beginning to understand the website's value- one being that I have started a discussion on the Federalist Papers - an education that is vanishing from our educational institutions. I do hope that the website catches on but for the moment it is just a structure and a vision.


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